Goods Checker Ecosystem

Goods Checker Ecosystem

for Automated Merchandising Processes

Plan merchandising activities and process 100% of visits to sale points, use computer-aided vision to analyze goods and SKUs on shelves, and make decisions based on accurate and complete data.

It Takes the Supervisor too Long to Draw up Planograms?

Supervisors can quickly create, copy, and edit planograms using the Plano Creator module or generate tasks and routes for field employees using the Check & Go module in Goods Checker.

Fieldwork Requires Merchandisers to be Organized and Error-free?

Merchandisers use the Check & Go mobile app to complete tasks assigned by managers and check layout of goods in real time in Goods Checker.

Analysis of Field Works Required for Decision Making Takes too Much Time to Process and is not Processed Completely?

Goods Checker uses AI to check photographs: it compares the actual layout to the planogram, identifies missing items, and notifies the users about the state of the layout in real time. Right after photos are uploaded, users get access to reports and analytical data on all sale points and merchandisers via a web browser.

Goods Checker Ecosystem Structure