Goods Checker custom solution for merchandising automation with AI

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Goods Checker is a SaaS solution for FMCG manufacturers and distributors that automates all stages of merchandising

Goods Checker includes

Operations with planograms

Operations with planograms

Product recognition and analytics

Product recognition and analytics

Layout monitoring in the store

Layout monitoring in the store

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Benefits of Goods Checker

95% and above recognition accuracy

up to 30 seconds* photo processing time

*Internet connection speed not considered

100 SKUs planogram in less than 1 minute

Why Goods Checker

Various delivery and integration options

Customized, integrated solution for the tasks and business processes of the customer

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing

Personalized cost calculation.
You don't pay for features that you don't use



Instant detailed analytics with breakdown by stores, merchandisers, SKUs and product categories


Step-by-step deployment and development of the solution

Use individual Goods Checker modules immediately and add the required functionality later

“We created Goods Checker as a flexible solution for FMCG manufacturers and distributors based on image recognition technology. Our solution will allow you to understand the actual situation on the shelves, increase the percentage of planogram compliance and provide incentives to merchandisers on reasonable grounds”

Mikhail Savitsky,

Goods Checker team tech lead

Results with Goods Checker

Merchandisers conduct an audit of the outlet faster

Managers create planograms faster and check their adherence by employees

Higher percentage of layout compliance with planograms

Improved out-of-stock and out-of-shelf identification rate

Merchandisers conduct an audit of the outlet faster and more efficiently

100% of photos from merchandisers’ visits to retail outlets are processed

Corporate system receives accurate data in real time

Enhanced shelf monitoring across all stores

Merchandising becomes transparent for all participants

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What is Goods Checker?

Goods Checker is an ecosystem designed for automation of merchandising processes. It uses computer vision to analyze products on store shelves and help businesses make decisions based on timely, accurate and complete data.

How is Goods Checker different from other similar solutions?

Goods Checker uses neural networks and computer vision to analyze photos in real time and compare realogram against planogram. To recognize a new product, you need only a high-quality image, which allows analyzing it from the day it goes on sale.

What modules does the system include?

Plano Creator module: through the use of drag-and-drop function, it allows users to quickly create, copy and edit planograms.


Shelf Eye module: recognizes and classifies goods in store equipment.


Check & Go app: allows field employees to complete manager assignments and check merchandise display.


Analytics module: provides a complete picture of the business in real time by calculating various KPIs that can be customized according to requirements.

Can I use individual modules without buying all of them?

Since Goods Checker is delivered according to the SaaS model and does not require the customer to install special hardware and server software, for each project it is possible to determine a set of functions and modules required to address the customer’s business challenges.

Which companies need this solution?

Goods Checker is designed for companies operating in the FMCG segment: manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Which products are good for recognition and which are not?

Products in solid packaging are best suited for recognition, which occupy a certain shelf space and show the entire label. For example, plastic bottles with drinks or candy cartons.

How is data security ensured?

The interaction between the client and the server takes place only via secure protocols and requires mandatory authorization. Also, users can do without paper documentation, which minimizes the possibility of data loss. All information is stored on secure cloud resources.

What is required from a company that has decided to use Goods Checker?

The solution does not require installation of hardware and software on the customer’s facilities. All that is needed is materials for training neural networks: several hundred photos of goods that Goods Checker will process.

Can Goods Checker process goods without packaging (fruits, vegetables, fish, etc.)?

Yes, it can determine their presence or absence on the shelf.

What are the possibilities of Goods Checker when analyzing goods not on a shelf, but on a pallet or at secondary placement?

It is possible to recognize the presence of goods on a pallet or secondary display, but it all depends on the goods packaging

Does Goods Checker have a price recognition feature?

Yes, Goods Checker recognizes prices and correlates them with the closest products on the shelf

Does Goods Checker provide fraud protection?

Yes, Goods Checker recognizes prices and correlates them with the closest products on the shelf

What else can Goods Checker recognize?

POSM, and any promotional and informational materials

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