Display Monitoring and Supply Planning for a Chain of Gas Stations

Display Monitoring and Supply Planning for a Chain of Gas Stations

Business Challenge


There are about 500 gas stations in the country, many of which are located in remote areas. Stations have different room layouts, so the equipment for placing goods is also different. The operator must simultaneously serve the customers and monitor the display.


Find a solution for effective display monitoring and for detecting out-of-stock products. Doing this manually is difficult, expensive and time-consuming.


Planograms are generated automatically based on the dimensions of goods and cabinets and placement conditions. A planogram is an Excel document without pictures. It is very difficult to handle it manually.

The customer was offered to use Goods Checker so that the mobile application would help operators compare the planogram against the realogram. The results are saved in the database for further analytics. This way, company managers will be able not only to supervise operators, but also to demonstrate to suppliers their compliance with obligations to fill certain shares of shelves.

During the pilot project, IBA Group experts:

  1. Trained operators to manage the application, so that they helped collect data for the project.
  2. Prepared a complete taxonometry of all 200 soft drinks by type.
  3. Trained a neural network to identify products and not confuse them with advertising images of the same products on the sales floor, and also to classify images in accordance with taxonometry.
  4. Created a tool for equipment monitoring using a QR code. After scanning the code, the application understands what kind of cabinet it is and what planogram is provided for it.

Goods Checker makes it easier for operators to update existing shelf layouts to match the new planogram. Typically, several items in the planogram change every week. Previously, it was necessary to compare the entire product range, but now the application shows any changes itself.

Also, with Goods Checker, a category manager can control stock balances. If out of stock is detected in time, the manager will be able to quickly deliver the required goods without changing processes.



SKU (soft drinks)


remote outlets with individual planograms

From 50% to 90%

increase in accuracy of planogram compliance


or higher recognition accuracy


Planogram compliance rate improved from 50% to 90%.

It has become easier for store employees to perform the following tasks:

  • monitor compliance with planograms,
  • detect changes in planograms,
  • control out-of-stocks

The pilot project showed that Goods Checker will help monitor display, plan logistics deliveries and deliver goods to gas stations on time.

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