Automation of Employee Operations for a Merchandising Agency

Automation of Employee Operations for a Merchandising Agency

Business Challenge


Lex Marketing is one of the leading trade marketing agencies in Ukraine. The company provides merchandising services for manufacturers of consumer goods, holds BTL events and conducts retail audits at the request of its clients.


Automate checking the display of goods on store shelves using artificial intelligence.


The company decided to use computer vision to automate manual processes in merchandising. For these purposes, they chose Goods Checker, a cloud-based solution for automating merchandising using artificial intelligence. The service allows users to create planograms, check the layout and generate analytics. Processing of one photo takes up to 30 seconds, and recognition accuracy is 95-97%.

As part of the pilot project, 6 cities, 45 retail chains and 694 retail outlets were selected. There were 4 supervisors and 8 merchandisers working in the system. Based on the results of two weeks, we managed to achieve the desired figure — recognition accuracy of 95%. Now the service operates in 4,500 stores throughout Ukraine. In the coming months, it is planned to cover all brands covered by the company’s merchandisers.



SKU (non-food items)

4 500+



photos daily


or higher recognition accuracy


The time spent by merchandisers on reporting has decreased by 70%. In the free time, the employee can additionally visit two more retail outlets. Recognition accuracy is 95%+ after 2 weeks of use.

With Goods Checker, the customer was able to:

  • Conduct an audit 60% faster.
  • Provide the client with reliable shelf analytics.
  • Analyze 100% of photos.

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