Shelf Eye computer vision module

Use artificial intelligence to recognize your products on the shelf or out-of-shelf

Analyze data with breakdown by SKU, outlets, merchandisers in real time

Shelf Eye computer vision module

We know your main problem is the lack of actual information about what is happening on your shelf at the outlet!


of photos remain unprocessed and are not used for their intended purpose


of photos are not processed in due time and do not allow making the right decisions


of photos are of poor quality and do not allow assessing the actual situation on the shelf

With Shelf Eye you get real-time analytics

Shelf analytics

  1. your brand / subbrand / SKU share on the shelf
  2. you competitors’ brand / subbrand / SKU share on the shelf
  3. incompliance reasons: out-of-stock, broken equipment, etc
  4. gaps detection
  5. price tag recognition

Shelf Eye analyzes the SKU
from the first day it goes on sale

One render is enough
for Shelf Eye to start recognizing the SKU

We continuously monitor the recognition process quality

Results of using Shelf Eye by your company

Up to 7%

increase in sales of the
FMCG manufacturer in retail


processing of all visits of merchandisers to retail outlets

Up to 45%

reduction in audit and
data processing time


Can I customize analytics to suit my needs?

Users can access reports and analytics through a web browser. Customizable analytics visualization is available. The module gives a complete picture of the perfect store, calculating various KPIs that can be configured in accordance with business requirements, for example, the percentage of planogram compliance, product availability, share of shelf space, etc. Support of integration with customer BI systems – Qlik, Tableau etc.

What are the reporting forms?

Goods Checker generates analytical reports both in a detailed form (report for a store, employee, product) and in an aggregated form (report for a region, retail chain, time period), and can be presented over time (comparison with a past period).

How fast are analytical reports generated?

Goods Checker allows users to obtain analytical data from outlets in real time immediately after uploading photos to the server.

Who receives the reports?

Analytics is available for different categories of users: managers, supervisors, executives.

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