Goods Checker Ecosystem

Merchandisers' Fieldwork

at Retail Points of Sale

Tasks must be performed by merchandisers quickly and accurately in order to ensure their efficient work at points of sale.

Field employees use the Check & Go mobile app to check layout of goods in real time in Goods Checker.

Tasks Solved by Goods Checker

Selecting a Point of Sale for a Merchandiser's Task

Field employees select their current points of sale on the interactive map, in the app, or by scanning the QR code.

Fulfillment of Manager's Tasks in the App

When in a sales point, merchandisers perform the tasks set by the supervisor or the manager in the established order.

Merging Several Photos (if Necessary)

In cases where a shelf doesn’t fit in one photo, Shelf Eye combines multiple photos to get a shot of the entire rack.

Comparison of Layout with the Planogram

Automatic comparison of the actual layout with the planogram in real time.

Goods Checker analyzes an SKU from the moment it goes on sale.

Registration of Problems on Shelves in Real Time

Check & Go makes it possible to detect problems on shelves and quickly send a cause report (out-of-stock, equipment breakage, etc.) to the manager.