Goods Checker Ecosystem


Field Personnel to Work at a Point of Sale

The stage of preparation for work at a point of sale includes creation of planograms, as well as routing and tasks for merchandisers.

In Goods Checker, these tasks are solved using Plano Creator and Check & Go modules.

Tasks Solved by Goods Checker

Generation of Planograms

Plano Creator module can be used for quick and convenient creation, copying, and editing of planograms. If necessary, the planogram can be saved in MS Excel or PDF

Routing and Entry of Tasks for Field Personnel

The tasks include text boxes, to-do lists, and the possibility to attach photos with the results of work performed.

Maintaining Merchandiser Profiles

Merchandiser profile contains contact details: full name, e-mail, phone number, as well as merchandiser’s region of operation. If necessary, you can deactivate unnecessary profiles.