Goods Checker Ecosystem


Timely field analytics allows a manager or management of the company to make the right decisions on time.

Goods Checker makes it possible to obtain analytical data from points of sale in real time.

Tasks Solved by Goods Checker

Obtaining Analytical Data Using a Variety of Criteria

Automatic data collection from merchandiser reports and obtaining analytical information on points of sale, SKUs, and merchandisers via a web browser.

Real-time Comparison of Planograms and Realograms

>95% accuracy of recognizing goods on the shelf, processing of photos in less than 30 seconds.

Processing of All Visits of Merchandisers to Points of Sale

Acquisition and processing of data on 100% of merchandisers’ visits to points of sales without errors or delays

In-depth Analysis of Various Parameters

Automatic analysis of share of shelf data in terms of its category, brand, region based on data from points of sales and convenient visualization of the report

Eliminating the Human Factor in Photo Analysis

Increased number of processed photos, as well as volume and speed of data processing from points of sales through the use of AI